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Good News!

God has made a way for us, through Jesus, to experience the life and relationships

with God and others we long for!

But, we can't have a relationship with the perfectly holy God "our way"- That is, by relying on our own "good works", "doing more" or "being a better person". 


Instead, we must choose to come to God "His way".

And God's way is by faith. God promises that He will credit Jesus' perfect righteousness to us if we ask Him and simply believe He has done what He promised. 


We are "Born-Again", "Saved" and forgiven of all our sins by repenting- asking God to forgive us for all we've knowing done that was wrong, and receiving by child-like faith, Jesus and His perfect righteousness- the righteousness God requires.

When we do this, we are transferring our faith (trust, reliance, dependence) from ourselves and our "goodness" to Jesus and his perfect righteousness, God promises He has removed our sins, given us His Spirit and new and eternal life.


Realize: God loves you and wants you to experience joy, peace and fullness of life with Him and others. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes (trusts, relies, depends solely) in him shall not perish but have eternal life." 

John 3:16, John 10:10, Romans 5:8

Recognize: That our sins- the guilt of our choices and decisions to do what God, His Word and our consciences tell us is wrong- separate us from God, peace and joy.


Repent: We feel guilty because we are guilty. Stop justifying, denying and excusing the sins and guilt that trouble your conscience. Agree with God who loves you, repent, ask His forgiveness, surrender control of your life to God and choose to start living life God's way. 1 John 1:9


Receive: God has made a way for us to have our sins forgiven and the sin barrier removed by putting our trust in Jesus and His perfect righteousness received as God's gift of love for us. John 1:12

Rest: Now that you've repented of your sins and received Jesus and His perfect righteousness, rest in the confidence of knowing that "God who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  Philippians 1:6

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